The Sweetness of Surrender

I crave your touch.

Engross me.

Take me to that magical place

Our mansion of Seduction

Where all dreams come true.

Touch me,

not without consideration.


you touch your own body.

Be here

Drowning in temptation,

every cell alive.

Crazed by the pull of seduction.

Aware, observe your passion

As your fingers play my body,

the master of an untuned organ.


Into every part of me.

Each touch an orgasm of Awareness.

How I crave you

The sweet kiss of Surrender.


Your tongue

Your lips

Your fingertips

You have come here to sedate me

Now, let your presence embrace me.

Quiver ever so gently

Again and again

Rivet yourself into ecstasy.

This is how I want you to touch me.


With every cell of your being,


Alert and present,


Yearning for explosion,

the sweetness of surrender.

You cannot betray me.

I know when you are not here.

And so

I implore you


This is how I want you to touch me.

Immerse yourself into my being,

Take command

Enslave me.

I seek the sweet taste of your victory.


Filled with the juices of seduction


Yearning, for your touch.

Enter me

Feel my desire

Your hands on my hips

The movement of sweating bodies

Infatuated by the sweetness of surrender.

I beg you

Command me.