The Perfection of a Succulent Olive


An olive can be your teacher

Understand it

And you have understood the art of seduction.

Let it rest on your tongue

Eyes shut

Holding your breath

Absorb its roundness.

Observe the tender aroma

Of buttery satisfaction.

Sublime flavours

Melting away.

Bite, gently

Into deep ripples of devotion

As you play

Around the stiffness of its core.

Experience the pleasure

Dissolving in your mouth

Intoxicating your senses.

The perfect olive


No longer an object


Part of you.

An avenue of satisfaction

The sacred anointment

For lubricated lips


Sweet perfection.

The olive is a teacher

Taste it

Play with the fluidity of its shape

The solidity at its core.

Delight, slowly

Drawing its precious juices.

Absorbed in action.

An olive will teach you everything

And you will see

You have become a master.