Delightful Anguish


When I break you, I do not do so readily.

It is necessary

To feel this pain

To be opened in such a way


Through jolting sorrow


You are opened

Seams torn apart

Light seeping more easily through

To know what you search for.


You recognise the Truth


Of Beauty

The essence of Love

It has caressed you

And changed you forever.


Do not fear the wisdom that Anguish brings

Though she may break you

And make use of your fears

She is great.


A bitter mistress


Unleashing your restraints

To perceive greater lessons

She visits only the brave.


Greatness will check you

Unleash true emotion

Honour this.

She chose you.



That even in despair,

You may see through the eyes of love



A thing to be cherished

As evidence of divine humanity

And the greatness Being



Let not my departure be a thing of ugliness.

I leave you, abounding with affection

I leave you beautiful

And more delicate than when I found you.


This is the sweet reward of Anguish

The simple, profound expression of Love

Which knows no boundaries

And changes you forever.


This is her gift.

Honour her

The sweet blessings she brings


Awareness, only Love obtains

Humility, only Loss attains

Wisdom, remaining with you forever.


This is your gift


Do not fight.


Your heart comes unbroken easily

Cast away quickly,

By the shadows of the night.


Just remember

That when you gaze back

To do so gently

A heart overflowing

With whispers of surrender.