An avenue of expression



Coming together as One.



This is the only way for you to know me,

to know my thoughts and sense my truth.


From  words glued onto screen and paper,

where expression seems easier than when in front of you.

Heart gaping, emotions overtaking me.

It is there in my silence. When I do not speak.

Eyes glistening, yearning for you to understand me

A being of complexity,

and simple awareness.


I dare to let you see me now. Though I never dared before.

I’ve understood that even my tainted aspects are pure.

And although purity sometimes becomes my insanity, I have no fear.

There is no other way for me to know me.

And so it is natural that the same is true for you.

All is but a fleeting avenue of expression.


So, if you were to wish that you truly would know me, there are two ways.

Which when combined will allow you to see me, in all my aspects.

As I am.

Every part untainted,

unshadowed by constraints,

Still, burdened by deep sorrow.

Free—drifting away like clouds.

Light—dripping down gently. Small droplets of water.

Heavy—a massive Oak dependent on its roots


Look at this earth. The elements. The water.

Fire scorching parched soils, erupting out of hearts and mounds that boil.

See the elements—feel them.

You will find me there.


Understand that what I claim to be my truth is equally not.

Trust that in this moment I am as I am.


never hold me imprisoned to my own image.

I die every moment,

and there is nothing that can save me.

There is nothing that will remain me.



Though I am all, I am also nothing.

Ideas cherished and despised.

Ideas shattered and reappearing.

Tides forever sweeping away all that I know.

Dying again and again, re-emerging as new.

Growing and descending, into the ever changing dance of life

This is the way you must know me.


I promise to know you the same.